Sunday, June 29, 2008

Project-Cat Status

Well, now Project-Cat enters into yet another phase, or, I suppose, a return to an earlier one? Yesterday evening the Volunteer came by and picked up all the equipment-- no more traps sitting beneath the stairs. This will probably make maintenance and management happy. And the traps can go to people who can actually succeed at catching cats, unlike me.

Figures, though, that while I was sitting outside waiting for the volunteer, Twinkle-Toes, whom I hadn't seen in weeks, dashed out of a bush chasing Moo-Cow Kitty #5... two of the four adult cats that I failed at catching.

I'm not giving up, exactly... I'm retreating. 'Til the weather cools just a little, perhaps. It's disgusting out there.

I sat outside for a few hours today, watching for the Wild Kittens. They were where they usually are, and let me get 3 feet away before dashing back into the tunnel. I despair at catching them. Perhaps I need a huge butterfly net. But I'll keep trying.

Beatrice is her usual energetic, loving self. She has discovered how to get into and out of the bathtub (it's empty), which has made her living space 1/3rd larger! One more week and she can be tested for the nasty diseases, and upon being declared safe, she can meet my cats and live in the apartment until it's time to go to her mommy in August.

Saw Daisy and Daphne and LGG and Bozo today, along with the kittens. All the fuzzies look how I feel-- limp from the heat!

Your WebMistress (that'd be me) is, admittedly, disappointed at the moment, but never fear, Project-Cat shall bounce back. And we did stop the breeding-cycles for 13 of the cats.