Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miss Hannah Pigpen

aka, my arch nemesis.

I came home this evening to find Pigpen downstairs eating some dry food.  I walked towards her, to see if I could take a guess at pregnancy status from getting her to walk way from me.  From the side I wasn't sure, and she quickly turned a corner into the dark. 

I followed, though, and she looked up at me all, "What?" And then a dog came near and she walked off. 

From above/behind?  Yeah, she's totally expecting kittens.  From that angle you can see the way her belly swings from side to side, but at the sides, not beneath like house-cats.  And her belly is clearly wider than her hip bones.

Oh, Pigpen.  Sigh.

Catching her and the kittens is all going to come down to timing  (and location), I'm afraid.  I'll be in and out of town the rest of this month, until almost mid-January. Yes, someone will be caring for the ferals, but there's no way that any of them would be up for TNRing Pigpen or taking the kittens...

It's chilly out, for the AZ desert.  Not a good time for a feral kitty to be having kittens.  Poor Miss Pigpen. 

Fingers crossed that everything works out as best as can...