Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Tuxie

(Each, um, every-once-in-a-while Project Cat will post a profile and pictures of a Colony Cat, whether it's one who has been around from the get-go, or a new comer. Today? Tuxie.)

Name: Tuxie. Because s/he is, well, a tuxedo style cat. I'm not very creative in this regard.

Sponsor: None, as of yet

Gender: Unknown

Joined Colony?: This past (2009) summer, s/he showed up as a small kitten. Alas, between my traveling and his/her wiles, I was unable to catch him/her, and so, now that s/he's an adult, s/he has joined the colony and is quite skittish of humans.

Altered?: Not yet. S/he'll be one of several I try to catch, after raising enough money, hopefully this Spring, definitely by Summer.

Distinguishing Characteristics: As you can see, Tuxie is the only medium/long haired cat in the colony. Where did this trait come from? I do not know... But it certainly makes Tuxie easy to distinguish from all the others!!

Also, s/he, like a few of the younger cats (Walsingham, in particular, the orange boy visible behind Tuxie in the picture at right) is slightly less skittish than many of the cats. I was quite close when snapping the picture s of Tuxie at the water fountain.

Doesn't Tuxie have such a pretty (handsome?) face? I can't quite tell what color his/her eyes are-- at one point I was convinced that s/he had one blue, one green, but that might just be the way they look because of the black fur surrounding one eye, and white surrounding the other.

Most Likely to be Found: Curled up on the second floor landing, napping, but keeping a wary eye out for strangers all the same.

General Colony Update: Everyone seems to be doing well. Since the great TNR, we've had only three newcomers to the colony (not, of course, counting the kittens taken from it): Tuxie (above), a gray tabby (who's very shy and hard to even photograph) and a domestic gray tabby who technically has a home but who roams about with the colony. So it definitely seems that the TNR (mostly) worked.

As I hinted above, I do want to try TNRing again sometime relatively soon-- when I find both the time and money. I want to catch the several cats I didn't catch the first time around (Pigpen, I'm looking at you!) and the newcomers.