Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh my...

Wow, I really am fairly terrible at keeping this blog up to date.  My sincere apologies! I would like to blame my camera or my internet connection or something, but honestly, it's just my fault. 

So, where were we?

(You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)  

First, Ms Miley-Barnaby.  She seems to be doing fine, but I have been remiss at talking with her primary caregiver and getting her to a vet to double check. 

Second, Ms Hannah-Pigpen does look rather round... could there be kittens?  I really hope not.  But if there, I've spoken with DNL and if they're had on her porch (as per usual), she'll let me know and we'll use two traps (as per The Volunteer's recommendation) and put the kittens in one and trap mama that way.  (Then I suppose the kitten hatchery might have to be open, but let's not think about that right now, shall we??)

Third, the mystery cat has shown up once more.  I was only able to get these pictures of him/her (from my balcony, no less), so I feel a bit like I'm chasing a yeti or something.  But I did have someone else around when I spotted him/her this time.

Fourth, Tig(g)er remains adorable.  But it has gotten chilly here at night  (although it's supposed to warm up in another day or so), so I put out a bed for him.  (I'd put out shelters for all the cats if I could, but management would not be keen on this.)  It's apparently a bit small for him, but he likes it anyway.

Fifth, since she's rarely seen and even more rarely photographed, here's a picture of Daphne:

And sixth, there are fifteen new pictures in the Project-Cat 2010 Flickr Set. (Scroll to the bottom).