Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drive By Posting!

This summer has been... well, let's just say not my best summer ever. The cats, however, have been doing well. I've been seeing more of the group every day (this is partly because of how early in the morning I've been having to leave...) and everyone looks healthy and well. Tuxie, Aloysius, Bessie and Pigpen are generally eating as soon as I put down food. Barnaby stops by frequently, as does Agatha and Walsingham and Gremlin. I see Daisy nearly every afternoon as she likes to sleep on the cement floor of the building where it's coolest (it's been about 110degrees every day for the past ... forever). Daphne is a frequent sight as well. No kittens have been spotted this spring or summer, which is great. And I hvae taken some pictures and want to take more and as soon as I can, I'll get back to posting.

'Til then, I really hope you know about the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. If you do, then I'm probably preaching to the choir, and you know about how they're trying to use 40squillion (that's thousands) dollars for the Tacoma Humane Society. If you're considering donating, I hope you'll do so today because not only are they only 3 days away from the end of their 'thon, but also because all donations today go directly to their spay/neuter fund, which helps ferals and free-roaming cats, like the ones in this colony. So if you have a few dollars to spare (every bit helps!!) consider sending it their way today.