Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And so we start again...

Okay, I actually, for once, had things I wanted to say here. I got pictures, I have links, I have Update Worthy Material.

But it's all been preempted. Upon my return home from campus today I ran into Downstairs Neighbor Lady. She has just renewed her lease. And in the lease was a clause which declares that if you feed the cats you will be fined $400.


I pointed out that I have permission to feed the cats and otherwise manage the colony. DNL pointed out that the manager with whom I had made all the arrangements is no longer here at the apartment complex.


Now, technically, my agreement went higher than this, with the company who actually manages this property as opposed to the manager of the property (if that's clear.) But DNL had a good point-- since I have not heard anything about this directly (and my lease doesn't need to be renewed until August), I'm not going to say anything about it yet. I'm going to continue to feed the cats.

This does, however, explain why my box (ie: cardboard food dish) has been removed. I'm grateful that the water dish is still there.

I know times are tight, but if anyone would like to chip in a few bucks towards a Fine Protection Fund, please feel free to hit the button on the left. (Likewise, I'll be taking another cat for altering sometime in the next week or so, and a donation towards that would rock. But that's for another post-- see? I told you I actually have interesting things to say, but noooooo, management's gotta go be all stoopid. Which just angers me greatly-- the colony has not grown at all with the exception of one stray left by !@#$!@#$ residents, and that is through my work, and The Volunteer's work, and the incredible donations of all of you. So they should shut up and be glad. The cats aren't doing anything wrong. )

I wonder if this explains why I found the tunnels all blocked with rocks last week. (I promptly unblocked them, of course.)