Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sammy's Forever Home (Probably)

Wow. That... was the fastest adoption ever. The neighbor I met completely randomly for the first time yesterday really wanted Sammy, with his adorableness and copper colored eyes. Tonight I took him over to their house (hey, we really are neighbors! Neat!) so that the boyfriend could meet the kitty. They have a 18 week old labrador puppy, with all that that entails-- rambunctious, sweet, curious and bouncy. While it's going to take a few days for the two critters to get to know each other, the first meeting actually went really well. The puppy was curious, but not overly so, finding more interest in the toys I brought with Sammy. The kitten didn't hide-- he walked around and investigated, although he gave the puppy a wide berth.

His new family is very nice, and were happy to have all the information I gave them. (Well, heck, I've accumulated a lot of info over the past, between my own cats, and then the ferals and the kittens!)

AND, in a move I learned from the best (Tamnonlinear, she of the brownies), I insisted they knew that once a cat is rescued, s/he stays rescued. They know that if they ever need anything, or need to give away the cat, I'm only a phone call away and I'll help figure something out.

Anyway, Sammy has moved to the new house. It's somewhat conditional-- if things really seem like they're not going to work out between the puppy and the kitten, that's understandable. But fingers crossed, Sammy has a new home, where he's loved and safe. In which case? Fastest rescue ever.

Next, there's a stray (not a feral) tabby boy who needs to be neutered, just as soon as I can catch him. Well, I've picked up plenty of times, but can I get him to the third floor? :)

[I'll keep you up to date on Sammy's progress as I learn of it.]

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, I could not call him "Mr Jingles"... I just couldn't. So in honor of my new obsession with the tv show Supernatural, I have named him Sam. (I think he's going to be big, plus he doesn't seem to have the attitude of a Dean.) Anyway, it's irrelevant, since I'm sure his Forever Home, as soon as we find him one, will give him his Forever Name.

But, 'til then, and to pass around to people who might like to adopt a fuzzy love-kin, here are some pictures!

I'd have posted this sooner, but he fell asleep sprawled across my lap, so I couldn't leave, obviously.

Meet... Mr Jingles?

So... yeah. I'd say this isn't what I anticipated, but it never is, is it?

There is now a tiny orange kitten in my bathroom.

Why? That's an excellent question.

Apparently, the promise I had gotten regarding the feral colony was not the only thing that wasn't communicated quite right from old manager to new. Somehow the people currently working there thought that I work for the humane society, so when a small orange kitten was found today, they called me. Well, first they called animal control, but when an officer came out, she said that he looks healthy, so she couldn't take him.

Why did I spring into action? Well, first because I always do. And second because it buys me good will from the office people (I met the manager today, and gave a small spiel about the ferals, for example.)

So here's the low down on this kitten-- approximately 12-16 weeks, orange tabby, male. He's not at all scared of humans (he was purring and kneading and quite content in my arms.) He doesn't seem to have any flea dirt on him (will investigate further with a flea comb) so he couldn't have been out long, but his tail and paws are quite dirty, so long enough for that. When he was found he seemed to be foaming at the mouth (??) which is why animal control was called, but that has long since ceased. He's eating no problem-- he was very fond of the baby food (beef, if you're curious), but happily chowed down on some adult (canned) cat food, too. (I mixed it together because I don't have any kitten food here and I wanted him to have the extra nutrients.)

The name is not what I would have chosen (the office staff picked it.)

I'm going to give him a bath (that should be fun...) and just hang out with him. The office staff thinks that maybe he just got away from his humans today, so I should probably put up Found Cat flyers. By the same token, there should be Lost Cat Flyers up if someone wants him back...

The potential good news is that as I was walking out of the office with the kitten, I ran into a woman who lives here with her boyfriend and puppy. The puppy was very interested. The kitten was really calm for a kitten, but did eventually puff up his tail and hiss. However, the woman really loves cats, apparently, and is maybe interested in adopting him-- we've tentatively set up a time for the cat and dog to meet tomorrow. Please, please, please cross your fingers because that would be an awesome fix to the situation.

Otherwise, I'll be putting out feelers with every acquaintance I know because the older he gets the harder he'll be to adopt out.

He's making cute little chirpy noises now. After posting this, I'm going to go hang out with him. (He's got all the comforts of home, but now he needs a people.)