Sunday, March 27, 2011

Send Percy to Germany!

Sometimes things take a turn you'd never expect.

The good news is that Beatrice's mom successfully found Percy! Hurray! Then she not only wrestled him back inside (I can imagine Percy thinking, "But! But! I was having fun!!!") but also bravely gave him a bath (as he'd gotten quite dirty while out in the big world.)  He seems none the worse for wear, other than a couple of new scratches on his face.  (He apparently also fought with the big world while out there.) 

His adventures have not cured his wanderlust, so we're sending him to Germany.

Just kidding.  Well, no, not really-- we are sending him to Germany, but not to cure his wanderlust.  (Although while there he'll get neutered, so actually, in a roundabout way, perhaps that's precisely what'll happen...)

Let me explain.  A friend of a friend, currently traveling in the US and hoping to live here permanently soon-ish, saw this here this very blog and fell in love with Sir Percy.  Who could resist?  The downside is her visa expires in a few days and back to Germany she must go.

You see the dilemma?  Percy's in AZ, the friend is in NYC, soon to be Germany...

Well, she really wants this cat, so we're attempting what seems pretty impossible.  Tomorrow Percy will go to the vet to get his vaccines and microchip and (fingers crossed!!) a clean bill of health (preferably in German... I know some German, but honestly, nothing involving Katzen beyond calling them Katzen. Anyone know the German for "Rabies vaccinated"?)

The second cat I adopted came to me from a few hours away, initially rescued by a now very close friend who was then an online acquaintance whose website I really liked.  And I have often felt that that cat and I were meant to find each other, even though it took the internets and circuitous routes for that to happen.  So I understand Percy's hopeful adopted momma's desire and I'm doing everything I can to make it work.  She is, too-- she has hours on the phone tomorrow to look forward to, in changing her flights, arranging flights, double-checking things with various embassies and customs.  Between us, we'll be spending a lot of money to get this cuddly feline to the momma who wants him.  He deserves a human who will adore him, and love him to pieces-- he's certainly not gotten a lot of help from humans before this.

My point in this post is threefold--

1. To celebrate Percy's safe return! Huzzah!!

2. To share with you how Percy has found a momma, barring unforeseen circumstances in the next two days.  Huzzah!

3. And to ask that, if your fuzzy little heart feels moved and your pockets can afford it, that you drop a few dollars in the Paypal account via the donate button.  If it warms the cockles of your heart to see this once unwanted fuzzy-baby to become an adored international feline, maybe you can help it happen?