Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh, Percy...

When Bea's mom re-found Percy after his narrow-window escape a few weeks ago, he came back covered in scratches, all beat up.  It seems that Percy is way too friendly to defend himself from other cats.  This certainly seemed the case against my cats-- mine didn't attack him (or even come near him) but they growled and hissed and Percy just sat there, as if to say, "Why don't you liiiiike meee?"

But Percy also really, really still wants to go outside, and yesterday, while Bea's mom was taking care of all the cats (my pets, foster-Percy and also the ferals, while I'm out of town for a few days doing my 'day job'), Sir Percy escaped.  Again.  Bea's mom caught him, but he scratched her up and escaped again before she could get him indoors. 

So, I guess he's out adventuring again. Worst part is, he was supposed to be neutered today-- that clearly didn't happen.  As long as he stays away from the other cats and doesn't get too close to cars or troublesome humans, he should be okay until I can catch him again. And this time he's got a microchip, which helps. 

Sigh.  Oh, Percy