Monday, November 3, 2008

Poor widdle Baby B

Poor little Beatrice's tummy is still all red and oozy. She seemed to have basically managed to pull all of her stitches out (before they went to the vet yesterday) her mom reported. She's still acting her normal-Beatrice self, but now she has to wear the dreaded collar.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Ferals

Police at my door yesterday (this time they were the ones stealing my license plate) necessitated that I get up far earlier than I wanted to on a Saturday, but it did mean that when I looked outside from my balcony I discovered Walsingham (the pictures were all blurry of him, though) and Agatha hanging out in the shade.

Then, later in the day, Little Grey And Amaranth posed for a few shots. The cooler weather has been helping me to spy more kitties.

Later still, at a grocery store 2 blocks away, I spied this little guy. He's definitely not tame (he ran from me.) I had stopped, thinking it might be Gremlin, but he's definitely not. He's pretty young looking, too. He seems to be living under the building before which he's standing in the picture (I saw him go into a hole beside it.) I'm obviously not looking for another project, but I'll be keeping an eye out over there, to see if it's a colony or a single cat or what's going on.

Kittens Update

Okay, firstly, Miss Bea, of whom I will hopefully have a picture in the next day or so. She went through her surgery just fine on Thursday, as I mentioned before, and came home and was acting normal (well, normal for her) by Friday. (She was a bit wobbly still, on Thursday.) I can verify her normal behavior because I was over at her house, and even though I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, she still hissed at me (and my stuffed big bad wolf.)

But alas, I got a call today from Miss Bea's mom. Her incision was red and oozy, and so they were off to the vet. The vet said, 'Yep, it's infected.' Apparently Baby B licked it, and kitty mouths are dirty. The wound has been cleaned, and Miss Bea now has a cone-collar, antibiotics for twice a day, and has to have her wound cleaned daily, as well as pain-killers if necessary. Poor thing. But through it all she was eating/drinking normally and playing, so I have every faith that she'll recover very quickly. Still, think good thoughts for the little one.

There's no actually Malcolm news, other than that he's doing fine, but upon plugging in my camera I found some pictures that I had never posted that I thought I'd share. This first one is from the day Malcolm moved to his new home. He's hiding under a couch. The next one, of a tabby cat you haven't seen before, is Malcolm's new brother Fritz. Fritz and Malcolm are getting along now, everybody sleeping on the same bed. His new family has apparently managed to dissuade Mal from sucking on fingers any more, which I think is a bit sad, but Mal is still happily kneading at things and purring and trying to sleep on people's faces, so that's all right then.

The last picture of is again of Malcolm, from about 2 weeks ago. I went over to pick up the crate in which I had delivered him. He was immediately frightened of me, and I get the impression that he reacts to everyone but his family that way now. I found him hiding in the bathroom and scooped him up (poor thing) and got a tiny bit of loving in. Then he hid under the bed and his new-dad didn't mind me snapping this picture of Malcolm hiding there. As you can see, he's still a very handsome fellow. What you can't see is that he is getting bigger, and starting to grow into his tail. I'm hoping his family will send me some pictures.

I get more stories about Miss Zoe than I do about Malcolm. Her household's current fear is that when it comes time for Zoe to move to CA with V's middle-daughter, V's older-daughter isn't going to allow it. Zoe has 100% adopted the older daughter, spending most of her time in that room, sleeping on her bed and following her around when she's home.

Wembley, the large family dog, stayed nervous around Zoe for a while-- at one point apparently she'd stolen his bed, sitting right in the middle of it, and he wouldn't reclaim it. He's make wide circles around her whenever he needed to pass by, too. One morning V saw Zoe steal a large piece of dog food from Wembley's bowl (the pieces are about as big as Zoe's head!) and Wembley went to V with a look as if to say, "But mom! You yell at me if I steal from the kitty dishes, aren't you going to do something about this?!"

More recently, with the gradual (very gradual) shift to cooler weather here in AZ, V had her kitchen door partly open so that Wembley could go in and out. She'd thought that Zoe was in with her daughter but looked up to see Zoe sitting outside. She called Zoe! and Wembley went outside and herded Zoe back indoors!! How incredibly cools is that?