Thursday, April 28, 2011

Percy's Leeeeeaving on a Jet Plane (picture heavy post)

Yup, things have lined up, it seems, for Sir Percy to get to his forever home on the other side of the Atlantic.  His new Mama's visa situation worked out, airfare was purchased, and Sir Percy and I will be meeting her in VA.  (I was heading to that side of the country this weekend anyway for a wedding, so now Sir Percy is just coming with me.)

Today we'll be visiting the vet to get this Health Certificate (it had to be within 10 days of his traveling abroad, you see, so couldn't be done sooner.)  Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health!

  Both myself and Beatrice's mom (while she was fostering Sir Percy) had tried to put him in a harness, since he wanted to go outside so much.  Both times he screamed bloody murder and then went and hid.  But on Tuesday I managed to get it on him with almost no fuss at all. This is a fairly necessary step, I feel, for airline travel.  Yes, he'll be in his (brand new) carrier for 99% of his travel, but he's going to have to through security twice.  (Once with me, once with his new mama).  Cats going through security, as you might recall from my travels with Dean and Max, need to come out of their carriers to go through the metal detector with their human while the carrier goes through x-ray.  I can't imagine anything much more troublesome than a scared cat freaking out during his process and running away, so, harness.

I let Sir Percy onto my balcony for fresh air, since I could be sure he wasn't going to take a kamikaze leap off of it (as he was tethered to me.) 

Since he behaved so well, I took him downstairs to play in the grass.  There he behaved less well  (he wanted to be freeeeee) so it was a brief experience.

We also got a glimpse of  Daphne while out and about!

Later on, as you can see, Sir Percy was tuckered out and sprawled on he floor.

 And showing off his belly!

Thank you very much for all the good thoughts and nice comments you've been sharing.  (And no one has pointed out how incredibly bizarre it is that this kitteh is getting a home on a different continent...for which I'm also grateful.)  And a huge thank you to recent donor B., who I don't know at all (at least not by real name) and I think is in Australia, who generously chipped into help out Project-Cat.  (Project-Cat has truly gone global... My little feral colony is well loved!)  I am so grateful to all of you that I cannot adequately express it.