Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Update

The colony is going to be cared for by a friend for a few days while I'm out of town, so I thought I'd give you a quick update. 

Miss Hannah Pigpen is still pregnant. I wish she weren't pregnant at all and that we'd caught her before, but if she has to be, then I'm glad she hasn't delivered yet.  I want to catch her via those kittens, but see above re: leaving town.

Mr. Tuxie is getting more curious and friendly, in spite of himself.  I suspect this has to do with the treats I've been tossing to him... I actually managed to touch him-- not quite pet, but still-- yesterday.  Then today he hissed at me before I came near.  Go figure. Delayed reaction?

Mr. Tig(g)er has taken to sleeping curled up on the cat bed I put outside, as I mentioned before.  This has not yet changed.  Since he's tame, he's quite happy to take treats from my hand-- and now waits on my doorstep after I've fed the ferals, knowing that I'll be on my way out and will give him treats.  He has a bit of a stuffy nose, however, which has me worried. 

Miss Miley Barnaby is still herself-- no difference that I can see.  I haven't been much in touch with Neighbor E., alas, to get her take on Miss MB.

Cyrano has been coming around a lot more than usual. 

Bessie is still a giant, giant cat, and he has been coming up to the second floor for foods, too.

I've seen Walsingham around a bit, but alas, not Agatha, which has me worried.  But both of them have disappeared for a time in the past and come back, so fingers crossed.

I seem to only ever spot Daphne in the dark, or when I don't have my camera-- or both.  She seems to be doing well, however.

Mr Mistopholees, or as Beatrice's mom has taken to calling him, "Mangy Cat", seems to be well and is often around.  He also looks slightly less mangy. 

Daisy is often around, although I haven't seen her in two days.  She follows DNL all around the complex-- it's funny.  Aloysius is similar-- often around but not in the last day or two.  He, however, is quite shy.

On the "I haven't seen them in a long time and I'm worried" list are: Little Gray, Gremlin and Athos.  Eek.

In no-longer-colony cats news (which is to say, kittens I've adopted out), I've heard recently from both Zadie and Zoe's moms-- with pictures of the latter-- and they look incredibly well cared for and very happy and spoiled rotten.   Miss Beatrice is still ... special... and very loved.  (She took quite a fall a few weeks ago, but suffered not at all for it, which was good but surprising.  And also means she has not learned her lesson about hanging out on high up ledges.)  Dean and Max are doing amazingly-- both are now cuddle bugs (well, Dean always was!!) with their cat-daddy.  But they also get along together marvelously-- play fighting and such.  (Their dad put up a video for me to see in which they are playfighting, but they also take time out for a second for licks.)  Malcom, apparently usually called "Baby Ugs" (and no, I don't know why), also does well. Since he's a desert cat and has all that fur, he's often shaved and funny looking (hence the name, perhaps.)  And Sam, aka Whiskey, wanders by occassionally and has grown very large and very fluffy and doesn't mind at all when I pick him up and hug him.

And now I leave you with two articles about a feral colony in Disneyland. 

"Disneyland Partners with Feral Cat Colony..."

Disneyland's Feral Cats

(I can't find any information about whether Disney World has feral cats.  Anyone know?)