Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Never Easy-- So Thank Goodness for Help

::Sigh:: Another water bowl gone. (The one in the above picture, in fact, with Bessie-the-Former-Tomcat.) I think I may need to go to a big box store and purchase a dozen cheap dishes. I have no idea if it's gone thanks to neighbors or thanks to management...

I spoke with the wonderful person from AZCats who helped me last time (2008), and it turns out that there's been some kinds of machinations in animal groups in the past two years. I didn't get details, but suffice it to say that due to distance (Phoenix is a big city, especially for transporting angry caged animals in) I have been referred to a different group. I'll update more as I know it. She also referred me to some online resources which may help in the on-going communications with the management here.

'Til I know more, I leave you with pictures. Everyone likes pictures! These are the fuzzies you are directly helping when you donate to Project-Cat.

Mr Mistoffolees from above-- He seems to be saying, "I can see you up there. But I know the food is up there. How do I get to the latter, and not the former..."

Tuxie, being her adorable self. Behind her, however, is one of the two Problem Tiger Tabbies. These are two gray tabbies that belong to a neighbor. They are not, however, neutered.

Walsingham, lounging in the desert.

Feeding time at the zoo. This is by no means an ideal place to feed a number of cats, as you can see by the congestion in the next two photos. But since DNL is fearful of my feeding them in the old spot (seen in the photo following these two), I don't know what else to do...

Cats in photo directly below: Tuxie, Pigpen, Aloysius and Barnaby.

Cats in photo directly below: Walsingham, Agatha, Mistoffolees, Aloysius (I think), Tuxie and Pigpen.

The old feeding spot-- much bigger, much more secure for cats (in that they can run from people easier. Note the water dish-- it's also gone. Cats in the picture include: Daphne, Mistoffolees, Athos, Tuxie, Daisy, Walsingham, and one of the Terrible Tiger Tabbies (who is really friendly and affectionate and I call him Tigger, but he is also very, very clearly not neutered.)
This is Paint. She's cute, no? But she's very shy. She'll get her own post-- just as soon as I get some more pictures of her!!

Walsingham and Agatha. They're always together, which warms my heart.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No updates, 'cause no news...

The ferals are chillin', doing their feral thing. It's getting warm here in AZ-land (82 today and 91 tomorrow! Yikes.) I'm finding occasional tufts of fur around the feeding area as they blow coat. I imagine that Tuxie is not enjoying the return of the hot weather, what with her long fur.

Another neighbor-- though I'm not sure who-- has started occasionally leaving food for the fuzzies, which I appreciate greatly. (Food's expensive! Well, it gets expensive when you're feeding so many.)

The TNR Fund for this go-round is at $125, and I'm exceptionally grateful to my two donors. (I don't know if they want to be named at all here in the blog, so I shan't for now. But if you're reading this, know that you have my thanks!!)

I've just gotten in touch with Altered Tails, the fabulous people who helped last time, to see what the upcoming schedule is like for high volume spay/neuter days. I suspect that we shan't be able to TNR 'til June, which I regret as we'll be deep into kitten season by then. But alas, April is rapidly running out and I, lucky me, will be leaving town for May. (I'll try to get a guest blogger-- perhaps she'll be better at updating than I am!)

I do have pictures, I promise... but I also have a list of things to do a mile long, so ... um... sorry. (I know, I'm a terrible blogger. But at least when I do post pictures they're of cute, cute kitties.)