Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sam" Update

You might recall Sam, the orange kitten I had for a few days back in, um, March? Yeah, that sounds about right. Just ran into his human, and his canine-sister (a yellow lab named Bailey.) Sounds like the puppy and the kitty are getting along really well-- they apparently go through cycles of antagonizing each other, and loving on each other. They *both* chase the laser pointer, hee! The kitty's new name is "Whiskey" but apparently he's mostly called "Kitty" because that's what he comes to.

I'm *so* glad to hear that that family worked out. (I hadn't touched base with them since the night the kitty moved, even though they are only one building over from me. Fortuitously, I had just dropped my pen off of my balcony (where I was grading papers) and when I went down to get it, Bailey was out chasing a ball, so I got to chat with her human.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There are 7o new pictures of the kittens in the April 2009 Kitten Set. Including lots of cute ones of Dean and Iso, the babies who need homes. (They've just been dropped back off. The poor things are probably so confused.)

New Plan (Needed)

Well, crud. On the bright side, Iso's mom got a scholarship to Ireland. On the downside, that means she can't keep Iso. And it also means her sister can't keep Dean, because she'll have to move into a dorm. So... the hardest part of cat rescue begins again: finding homes.

Please get the word out that Iso and Dean need homes (or a home). They're about 6 weeks old, have been healthy as long as I've had them. Iso is a bit reserved-- he likes to sit in your lap and watch his siblings play-- but he can also hold his own in a tussle. Dean is more outgoing, and will play and wrestle 'til he completely tires himself out-- at which point he wants to curl up in your lap.

Homes need not be local to AZ, as I can travel in the months of May and June. Please repost and help me find these great little guys homes!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

And then there was one...

Mr Dean and Mr Iso left with their mommies a few hours ago. And Miss Dolce was just delivered to her mommy a few minutes ago. So Miss Zadie and I are hanging out together. She's a bit confused, but content because I'm letting her explore my desk. Her mommy comes to get her tomorrow (and she'll be cousins with Zoe!)

I'm so happy I found such great homes for the kittens. And I'm lucy to have been a part of their lives. But it has also been expensive and exhausting, so while a part of me is sad, a part of me is also very glad. These kittens are going to be very well loved, and parts of great families.

I have taken so many pictures. Classes ended today, so while I still have a elventy-billion things to do, I should be able to find some time to work on and post those pictures sometime in the next few days.