Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dean Kitty Goes Home (And Other Updates)

Wow, I have seriously neglected this blog, especially in light of the fact that until *yesterday* I still had a foster kitten. Happily for all involved, this is no longer the case as Dean has gone to his forever home-- a forever home that just happens to be many states away from here. (He has gone from being a Desert Cat to a Plains Cat.)

Thanks to online friends posting about Dean needing a home on various blogging sites, Dean found a home. It took months of finagling to get it all worked out, but yesterday I flew him to Chicago. Yes, really.

And Dean was *great* about it all, a perfect angel. He took to wearing a harness and leash with no trouble (which, as you'll see, was a very good thing) and didn't make a sound in his carrier. At security, I had to take him out of his carrier to go through the metal detector (while his carrier went through the x-ray machine), and this was the only moment he got a bit freaked. It didn't help that I was juggling him as well as my belongings. He went through the metal detector riding on my shoulder, but then hopped down and tried to hide beneath the X-ray machine. Hee. Fortunately, my hold on his leash kept him from getting too far, and the traumatic part was done.

I'd heard that you're not supposed to take your pet from his carrier at the airport, but no one had officially told me that, so while we were at the gate Dean mostly sat in my lap, purring. At one point a little girl and her grandfather came up to look at Dean, the grandfather assuring me that they wouldn't touch. I told the little girl she could if she wanted, that Dean was a bit nervous but purring. She got a big smile when she pat Dean on his head.

I am incapable of staying awake on an airplane, so dozed off shortly after take-off. I woke several times to the sound of squeaking, but it was never Dean. (Apparently there was another, less happy, pet on the plane.)
(Check out the tiiiiiny Dean in the picture at left!)

Upon landing in Chicago, C., Dean's new daddy, met me at the security gate. We found a quiet(ish) space to chat, and to introduce Dean and C. C. has had many cats, so he didn't need any advice about integrating Dean into his household or anything. Mostly the time was taken up by me snuggling Dean, knowing that I was going to miss him a lot. C. told me some more about his cats, which made me feel better. (C. seems really awesome, and I was reassured by the whole situation.)

And... that was that, at least as far as Dean and airports go. C. had a long drive back home with Dean, and was kind enough to call me upon reaching his destination to give me an update. Dean was curious during the drive, and immediately started exploring upon reaching his new home. C.'s other cats have been interested thus far, although I haven't heard if there have been any official meetings betwixt them yet. And best of all, Dean spent much of the evening in C.'s lap-- so I don't have to worry about the two of them not connecting!!

EDIT TO ADD: Check out this video which C sent me of Dean playing and being all adorably cuuuuute!


In other Former Foster Felines News...

Malcolm (and his brother, Fritz) have moved into a new home (with their people) and have adjusted quickly.

Zoe and Zadie met each other when the former came home for the summer with her person. Apparently the two of them (and their sister, Arwen) have staked out various bits of their family's house. I've seen Zadie a couple times since her move, and she remained, at least at that point, a teeny-tiny bundle of engergy and adorableness. Apparently Zoe has grown into quite the large cat, however, and is intensely loved by her human (as is Zadie by hers.)

Momo, formerly Iso, has completely adapted to his new home, so much so that it's rare to see him without his sister, Pynn.

Similarly, Dolce is completely attached to her doggie-brother (a chihuahua.)

And last I heard, Whiskey, formerly Sam, is also doing well, and is best friends with his doggie-sibling, a labrador.

And finally, what to say about Miss Beatrice? She has also moved into a new home with her mommy. At first she was so scared that she peed on her mommy (yeah, I shouldn't laugh, and yet, I do.) Right now her mom is traveling, but I've been checking on Miss Beatrice and she is her usual self. I think this cat is bi-polar. One moment she wants love, the next moment she's trying to gnaw on your face. She has actually made her other cat-sitter bleed. Oh, Beatrice. We love you anyway.