Thursday, June 5, 2008

Radio Silence

The family homestead is in a rather different neck of the country than the colony, and a family member back on the homestead (my wonderful dog) is ailing. So, I am traveling this weekend to see her, and, frankly to say goodbye. (I don't want to get into it here as I'll just start crying again.) So, you will not hear from me again 'til Tuesday (5/10.)

Fortunately, to hold you over I have a few sightings, some baby-kitten news, and 26 new pictures.

No worries, the colony will still be fed even while I'm away. A friend will be stopping by and filling their dishes. Perhaps the cats know that I'm disappearing for a little bit, though, as today appears to have been "stick out your tongue at the camera" day. Amaranth and Mr Mistoffolees each show me what they think. Of course, I had woken Mr Mitoffolees from a nap, and startled Amaranth (who startled me in return!) while approaching a different cat. (see above and beside.)

Today I also spied Little Grey Girl (who posed beautifully for pictures, check out the part two set), Little Crooked, Bessie, Daphne and Pigpen. I also think I spied Gremlin, but he cashed off before I could get a picture, and I definitely saw Daisy, but she was too quick to dash away. The kitties all seem well, and are most definitely eating.

Speaking of eating, so is the kitten. She prefers to eat when a human is around, but she likes food now (even non-people-food.) She is definitely a bit bigger than when she arrived here. A friend saw her today after not seeing her since last Friday and she commented on the difference. So, this is good. :) She's also not sneezing any more, yay!

Kitten is well loved. She really likes humans (she hasn't met one she doesn't like, yet), and likes to nuzzle them, and curl up on their chests. She also wants to explore more than she can yet, but she keeps trying! She wants to see everything-- she'll fall asleep on you, but she fights it, just like a child-- she nods off, then wakes up, shakes here head... then starts to fall asleep again!

While I'm traveling, the kitten is at a vet/boarding facility. This way she can be looked after properly, fed as often as she needs, and given her medicine. I thought this was safest for her, and more fair than randomly calling up friends and asking them to take care of a squirmy kitty-baby who eats 5 times a day! So I shall pick her up after class on Tuesday and she will return to my care. I hate to leave her alone, but I know that they'll take excellent care of her-- and I left her her blankie and her duckie.

There are 13 new pictures of the baby kitty in the Baby Set.

I'll see you all again Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Just checking in to let you know that the baby is still doing really well. She's turning kinda pear-shaped as she's very fond of her food now (actual cat food! from a plate!) She only sneezes once in a blue moon (as opposed to lots), her eyes are cleared up, and she's very active. She still likes to curl up with me while I'm reading, though. :)

I haven't forgotten Project-Cat at all-- I just suddenly have a summer job (hurrah!) I'll be back to posting as soon as have my ducks in a row!

Oh! But I did check with the manager here at the complex yesterday and she said that DNL was incorrect, that she had said some stuff to reassure her (which apparently didn't work) but that nothing has changed, she's pleased with the way things are going. She did ask how many cats there were, and I answered 19 kinda meekly, but she said she'd thought there was more, so that's good, methinks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quick Kitty Update!

More later, though. :)

Just wanted to tell you how well the baby is doing-- she used her litter box all by herself for the first time! Hurrah!

And she's willing to eat actual cat food now! Of course... I still have to feed it to her... We haven't quite gotten the hang of a dish yet. But we're working on it!

Also, she's already scratching her itty bitty clawsies on a cardboard scratcher (it just happened to be in the bathroom, so she started using it-- so cute seeing such an itsy bitsy kitty using it.)

She wants to be with people all the time, though, which is both adorable and exhausting. Right now she's squeaking away, because I'm not holding her. It's sad, but I also have to get things done which aren't doable with a half-pound squirmy kitty being carried about. (For example, I'm about to go to Target-- I'm pretty sure they'd prefer if I didn't bring the kitten with me, y'know?)

But there is time set aside late this afternoon for me and the kitty to spend some quality time together before her evening meal, and perhaps again before bedtime. (This is separate from the 2 more meals she'll get tonight, each of which takes a while, too! She eats a lot now! yaay!)

Pictures later. :)