Sunday, April 25, 2010


We haven't moved forward, alas. I haven't heard back from TNR Group #2 yet, you see. So we'll try again in June. Why not May, you ask? Because I am going out of town. No need to worry about our Colony-- people I trust very much will be taking care of the fuzzies for me, stopping by every day.

Come back in June when things will gear up, one way or another. :)

'Til then, enjoy these pictures...

Below, Daphne contemplates me with uncertainty, while Bessie tries to do a photobomb. Okay, Bessie probably was just wondering whether to run, but still...

Tuxie in the sunset. She's usually within earshot of my front door.

Streeeeeetch and yawn, wee Agatha, stretch!

Agatha, aka Crooked Kitty, close up. I'm always so happy to see this little girl.

It's Daisy! I have no idea why she looks so cranky here...

And finally, Beatrice, the not-feral, though you wouldn't know it to pet her, says you'd better come back in June for more updates and pictures!!!