Monday, July 14, 2008

OMG Kitties!

NOTE: THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PICTURES IN THIS ENTRY. BLOGGER WON'T LET ME UPLOAD THEM. BAH! I'll try to fix this later. But you can still go to the Flickr sets.

Not a lot to say, here in Project-Cat-land, today. Beatrice is doing well-- she really likes to attack feet and the laser pointer, and any exposed skin when I'm trying to sleep. (I've been pretty much giving up after a short time each night and sleeping on the couch. Sigh.)

The wee wild ones have had no change since I posted yesterday. They're still playing when I'm not in the room, hiding when I am, and showing only some interest in playing. They still seem to be having bowel issues. They aren't eating a lot, but they are eating, and they are drinking water. The vet never called me back, so I guess I'll be calling again tomorrow.

Yesterday it poured, so I'm worried about the colony-cats. Their usual hiding spaces (the tunnels) were completely flooded, and as of early evening today the waters still hadn't completely subsided, and only one of the four tunnels was reachable. I'm sure most of them have dealt with this kind of weather and trouble before, but I can't help worrying that one or more of them was caught in a tunnel in the flood, or that in their inability to get to their usual safe places they got caught somewhere unsafe. I have seen Creamsicle, Gandolf, Pigpen and Little Grey so far, since the rains. The DNL said she saw "two black ones" (which would have to be Mistoffolees and Gremlin, whom I've never seen together) but I'm not particularly inclined to believe her whole-cloth. (Although she did give me some quite yummy eggplant paremsan yesterday.) I really hope Barnaby and her potential kittens are safe. Hopefully the waters will have finished subsiding tomorrow, and I can poke around the usual hiding places. (And, undoubtedly, get covered in mud since that's what's being left behind.) Monsoon season seems rather early this year.

Anyway, as you could probably already tell from the pictures decorating this post, I've found my camera. On it were pictures of the Wild Kittens still in the wild (only 2 good ones, though), Beatrice at her Forever Mommy's house (14 good ones), and now, as of this evening, the Wild Kittens in the bathroom. That last is rather less impressive sounding than the first, isn't it?

Pictures in the Baby Kitten Set (14) and the Wild Kittens Set (14, even though they're no longer part of the colony, I can't be bothered to change the name!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kitten Poo.

Yes, I did in fact just title this entry "kitten poo." But there is *so* much of it. Both kittens have exceptionally loose stool. I took a sample from Zoe to the vet yesterday (I think I mentioned that, but I'm too lazy to look it up.) But both kittens ... yeah, it's a mess in that litter box every time I go in there to clean it. So I called the vet to see when I'd get a response to the fecal test, and after having a difficult time finding my name in the system (mis-spelled I think), it turns out that the results were "no parasites seen."

... Okay. I mean, I'm glad about that, I think. But, so what's wrong with the babies' poor little digestive tracts? So the vet will be calling me back.

(I got them to play for a bit again this afternoon, though, so that's good.)