Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Looking Good

I spoke with someone in the office on Monday and she said there'd been no word (yes or no) regarding the cats, feeding them, TNR, etc.

I spoke with DNL on Sunday. She has decided she will no longer feed or water the cats. She thinks that management is trying to push her out of the complex and that's part of it. She doesn't care if I still feed/water them, but she wants me to do it somewhere other than in front of her flat/beneath the stairs, where the cats have always been fed/watered.

This, of course, puts more responsibility (time and finances) on me. Great.

For the lack of a better place to feed the cats, I started feeding them on the landing between the second and third floors. (The stairwells are open air.) I moved the water dish upstairs, and put out dry food. Because some of the cats are too skittish to come upstairs, I've also started pouring out a bit of food closer to the drainage bolt holes.

When I left today, Pigpen and Agatha were going for the food downstairs and Tuxie for the food upstairs. There was a water dish there.

Today when I came home, about 8 hours later, the water dish is gone. Just like the food dish was gone two years ago. But this water dish had been in use for almost two years, and today they decide to get rid of it?

Mind you, there were maintenance people in my flat today, so they may have noticed it up on the second floor for the first time and that's why it's gone. I don't know.

But now I have no water dish.

Should anyone like to donate a water dish, please feel free. :( See, I use the kind where you have a reservoir so that I only had to refill it every other day. This is ARIZONA. The desert part! It's hot! Even today, in early March, it's 75 degrees (Fahrenheit.) The cats deserve freshwater.

I am so angry. And so frustrated. And sad. Who steals water from cats?!