Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Plan

Quick heads up, in case you're stopping by to check in on Gandolf. He is apparently turning into a love-bug, wanting snuggles from AZMom, so we aren't too worried about getting him to the vet. She also reports that he's filling out a bit, which is great news. The vet appointment is made for 8:30am Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed for him, that he's just malnourished, or has something easily treatable.

And until then, enjoy this picture of Beatrice, finally sans cone-collar:

Her mom reports that as soon as she got the collar off, in typical Beatrice fashion, she promptly bit her mom on the arm, then ran around the house a few times.

Her belly, which you can kinda see in this picture, looks normal. Hurrah!


medusa said...

ah, the biting and then running away like a crazy thing... i know it well.
eris says hi to all the AZ kitties. she seems none the worse for wear for having been outside for 24 hours this weekend thanks to crazy time at my house. she does, however, still have a grass stain on her nose.

Project Cat said...

@medusa Yes, I often think of Eris when I hear about Beatrice's exploits. I'm glad she's okay, despite 24 hours out-- that would have sent me into a hair-ripping panic. (Um, not being outside, but one of my cats being so.) I bet the grass stain on her nose is kinda cute. Has everything in your neck of the woods settled back down to what passes for normal?