Sunday, January 4, 2009

First 2009 Update

So, I planned on going outside with my new camera (!!) and looking for kitties today, now that I'm back to my colony after a trip to the Family Homestead. Alas, it is raining. Figures. So, no pictures today.

But I do want to mention, and I think you should pass it along to everyone you know, especially people in Florida or who may be visiting Florida...

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL supports Spay and Neuter, and therefore has as really cool program called Spay & Play. If you bring an original receipt from your vet showing that you have spayed/neutered your pet, or bring a receipt from an animal shelter, showing that you have adopted a spayed/neutered pet, within the past year, you'll get a free pass to their day tour (which normally costs $25.) I think this is awesome. Granted, I doubt I'll be in FL in the near future (but when I next am, I so want to visit Big Cat Rescue!) Learn more about Spay & Play and more about Big Cat Rescue in general. You should consider donating your used printer ink cartridges to them, as well as sending them a donation (or two, or three...) You can even sponsor a (big) kitty!

We'll return to our regularly, domestic sized updates soon. :)


BigCatRescue said...

Thanks for sharing our work with your readers and thanks for all you are doing for our feral friends. Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat REscue

Project Cat said...

@BigCatRescue: Us Feline-Caregiver types have to stick together, no matter the size of the feline in question!