Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sammy's Forever Home (Probably)

Wow. That... was the fastest adoption ever. The neighbor I met completely randomly for the first time yesterday really wanted Sammy, with his adorableness and copper colored eyes. Tonight I took him over to their house (hey, we really are neighbors! Neat!) so that the boyfriend could meet the kitty. They have a 18 week old labrador puppy, with all that that entails-- rambunctious, sweet, curious and bouncy. While it's going to take a few days for the two critters to get to know each other, the first meeting actually went really well. The puppy was curious, but not overly so, finding more interest in the toys I brought with Sammy. The kitten didn't hide-- he walked around and investigated, although he gave the puppy a wide berth.

His new family is very nice, and were happy to have all the information I gave them. (Well, heck, I've accumulated a lot of info over the past, between my own cats, and then the ferals and the kittens!)

AND, in a move I learned from the best (Tamnonlinear, she of the brownies), I insisted they knew that once a cat is rescued, s/he stays rescued. They know that if they ever need anything, or need to give away the cat, I'm only a phone call away and I'll help figure something out.

Anyway, Sammy has moved to the new house. It's somewhat conditional-- if things really seem like they're not going to work out between the puppy and the kitten, that's understandable. But fingers crossed, Sammy has a new home, where he's loved and safe. In which case? Fastest rescue ever.

Next, there's a stray (not a feral) tabby boy who needs to be neutered, just as soon as I can catch him. Well, I've picked up plenty of times, but can I get him to the third floor? :)

[I'll keep you up to date on Sammy's progress as I learn of it.]


WorldTravelings said...

Wow! Congratulations on finding Sammy a new home (and so quickly too!) With both critters being so young there is a very good chance they will become close buds! :)

Eve said...

It is amazing how quickly Sammy found a forever home (keeping fingers crossed). Good luck with catching the other guy who needs neutering and vaccinations.

EB said...

oh my goodness.. the magic of seeing a kitten belly for anxiety.

I'm having one of those 'going to kill EVERYONE' days.. but the kitten makes me think twice. :) I need a bucket of them constantly!


The Worsted Witch said...

Jenna! It's Jasmin (swisscheesed!) I have found you!

Project Cat said...

@The Worsted Witch: OMG! Hi! Yes, you have found me! Woot!