Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holy Carp! An update!

I know, I know... I'm well aware that I have been pretty much the worst blogger ever. The good news is that I have been keeping a close eye on our colony and everyone is doing pretty well. Okay, so Mistoffolees looks like he's molting, which is weird but doesn't seem too problematic. Tuxie is a bit pushy-- alternately mewing and hissing when I feed her. And everyone else is, well, everyone else.

See? I still take pictures! To the right, Agatha says hi (from between a set of stairs, if you're wondering).

As long as the colony is its usual self-- just requiring food and water-- we're good. I don't mind finding the cash for the food (and while they do go through a lot, some of my neighbors feed them, too), and I've got friends around here who have been lovely in helping to take care of the colony when I've had to frequently go out of town.

More pictures:

Lovely Daphne wondering why I'm bothering her with that flashy, clicky thing....

And Tuxie playing at being shy. (She's not really.)

However, two things have come up. First, I really do need to get the last of the colony TNRed, both for the sake of not wanting any more kittens, and for their own health. Remember that Pigpen, Tuxie and Barnaby all escaped TNR the first time around. And since then we've been joined by Tuxie and Paint.

And then there's Tigger, but he's better left to his own entry.

So I need to raise some monies to TNR these guys. Fortunately, it's not quite the undertaking that getting the first THIRTEEN was, but still. So if you're feeling in the mood, please feel free to hit the donate button over there on the left. (My birthday's in about two weeks-- you can make it a gift!)

I can't run another raffle-- well, I could, and I'd be happy to, but as it turns out they're illegal... So any other thoughts on how we can raise the moolah for these guys' TNR?

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WorldTravelings said...

Sounds like you have a rather 'stable' colony and thanks to your earlier efforts, not a 'growing' colony!

So what did you mean about Tigger?