Sunday, April 17, 2011

Feline Insanity!

Percy is a fairly laid back cat.  He seems to like to find a place to sprawl out (he's 10pounds, which isn't all that big, really, but he sprawls well) and just watch the world go by.  Sometimes he does like to explore, hopping up on places he really ought not visit, but, well, he's a cat after all. 

Despite this happy-go-lucky nature, my cats don't like him.  To be fair, they don't like any cat other than each other (and sometimes that's questionable and based on mood).  So one is hiding under the bed pretty much constantly and the other is refusing to eat (although she'll still happily take treats, thankyouverymuch, morepleasenow?)  Between this and the constant low level of Percy's "Mrow? Mrow? Mrow?" to the other cats and the grooooororrrrrooorrrrrrwwwwwlllll response he gets (punctuated by occasional hisses, of course), I'm also going a bit crazy and would like some sleep, thanks.

So, Percy's going back to the vet for a few days of boarding.  This is not entirely a bad thing-- while he's there he'll get his second set of shots and I've also arranged for a fecal test because his elimination has never seemed quite right and he hasn't had one.  (He'll be providing them with fresh samples, after all.)  I'd put up with the noise and even the hiding cat, but the not-eating cat has me worried, y'know?  Percy will have a condo with a window (he likes windows) and it won't be for long, just a break for my cats.  If timing works, he'll go for neutering shortly after that, during which he'll recover with Beatrice's mom (who will closer all her windows tightly).

Then, if we're really lucky, he'll be heading to Germany at the end of the month.  The end of the month being reeeeally soon, in fact.  So, fingers crossed. :)

Sorry no pictures today-- I'm writing this from a coffee shop.  And sooper-hyooge thanks to kitty lover (and my personal friend) D. in NYC for the donation I got yesterday towards Percy's care. :D  You are the bestest!

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