Sunday, December 4, 2011

Desperately Seeking Foster Home

The generosity of friends and strangers is amazing.  Thanks to you-- those who could donate and those who spread the word-- we've raised enough money to cover Red's first (emergency) vet bill, his first ophthalmologist appointment (yesterday's) and, I think, his ophthalmologist check-up in 9 days.

If he needs surgery... well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Bea's Mom isn't sure if he's doing better or not-- it's probably too soon to say-- but the eye isn't drying out (that's good!) and he's acting normal (that's good!) and she's managing to get ... most of his medicine in him (that's mostly good!)

Unfortunately, having another cat in the house has made Beatrice angry (to the point of making herself sick) and it's making Beatrice's mom sick.  (She's allergic to cats in general, although has gotten used to Beatrice.  Having another cat in the house has pushed her system past the tipping point and she's already gotten a rash and a bloody nose... Lovely, huh?)  And she's leaving town very soon, too, for the holidays.  So at this point, our biggest, most pressing, and most frustrating, need is a foster home.  (A forever home would be even better, of course!)

Please, please, please, if you can open your house and home to this skittish but very friendly and loving boy, let us know. We're in the Phoenix area, and can drive him to you. For a forever home, I'm willing to drive sooper far, but since we'd have to get him *back* from a foster home, I'd say only a few hours distance from Phoenix is logical.  If you aren't nearby or can't take him in, please, please, please keep boosting the signal of this blog and this need?

(Also, while Red's need is immediate, don't forget that his brother, sometimes called Scavenger Kitty, sometimes called Scoot or Rascal, a black medium-haired boy who wants attention like nobody's business, is also seeking a home.  Could you or someone you know be the holiday miracle for either of these boys?)

So, good thoughts that Red can keep his eye.  And good thoughts that we can get him at least a temporary home asap. 


Anonymous said...

I coud take Red in. Definitely for a few weeks. Maybe (if it works w Percy) forever-ish...? Depends on my furr of course!

Altho I do believe you should really place him with his brother.

But of course I'm the leastest 'in the Phoenix area'. ;)

-Percy's Mom-

Tressy81 said...

Hi there!!
where are you located? I love to help you out with a home for this pretty kitty but I live in Monroe, Michigan.
Perhaps I could donate food, litter and a comfy kitty blanket.

Project Cat said...

@Percy's Mom: Yeahhh, while I appreciate the offer (and I do!!) I don't think it's very practical. :)

@Tressy81: Currently Reds and his brother are in the Phoenix area. It'd be tough (although possible) to get them to Michigan, but we appreciate the sentiment!! Not sure what will happen next, but keep watching the blog- I promise to update as news breaks. :)