Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Just checking in to let you know that the baby is still doing really well. She's turning kinda pear-shaped as she's very fond of her food now (actual cat food! from a plate!) She only sneezes once in a blue moon (as opposed to lots), her eyes are cleared up, and she's very active. She still likes to curl up with me while I'm reading, though. :)

I haven't forgotten Project-Cat at all-- I just suddenly have a summer job (hurrah!) I'll be back to posting as soon as have my ducks in a row!

Oh! But I did check with the manager here at the complex yesterday and she said that DNL was incorrect, that she had said some stuff to reassure her (which apparently didn't work) but that nothing has changed, she's pleased with the way things are going. She did ask how many cats there were, and I answered 19 kinda meekly, but she said she'd thought there was more, so that's good, methinks.

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