Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quick Kitty Update!

More later, though. :)

Just wanted to tell you how well the baby is doing-- she used her litter box all by herself for the first time! Hurrah!

And she's willing to eat actual cat food now! Of course... I still have to feed it to her... We haven't quite gotten the hang of a dish yet. But we're working on it!

Also, she's already scratching her itty bitty clawsies on a cardboard scratcher (it just happened to be in the bathroom, so she started using it-- so cute seeing such an itsy bitsy kitty using it.)

She wants to be with people all the time, though, which is both adorable and exhausting. Right now she's squeaking away, because I'm not holding her. It's sad, but I also have to get things done which aren't doable with a half-pound squirmy kitty being carried about. (For example, I'm about to go to Target-- I'm pretty sure they'd prefer if I didn't bring the kitten with me, y'know?)

But there is time set aside late this afternoon for me and the kitty to spend some quality time together before her evening meal, and perhaps again before bedtime. (This is separate from the 2 more meals she'll get tonight, each of which takes a while, too! She eats a lot now! yaay!)

Pictures later. :)

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