Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitten Pictures

Colony Update: Add Athos and Cyrano to the list of cats I've seen in the past few days, having gotten through the flood just fine, apparently.

Otherwise this post is a bunch of pictures of Zoe and Mal in the hopes that the cuteness makes you forget how terrible I am at updating this blog, even though I *mean* to just about every day.

They're doing really well, I might add. My biggest concern just now is how attached I am to them and they to me. If you sit down and don't immediately pick up Malcolm, he cries. But as the situation is, I *must* find them a home(s) somewhere

For the rest of the pictures, see the Wild Kittens Set. (Total: 33 pictures.)

Serene Zoe:
Look how big his paws are!!

Get the toy!


Eve said...

Such cute pictures more than make up for lack of blogging! :)

I'm glad you've spotted more of your kitties since the flooding. I'm sure that is a big relief.

redzshadow said...

OMG I can't believe how but they are!

Project Cat said...

@Eve: It is a relief. I mean, I knew that the cats must be smart enough to be safe, in general, but all the same, I worry. There's only one regular unaccounted for, and I still hope that he's well and that I just haven't seen him because I haven't been out much.

And I'm glad you like the kitty pictures!!

@redzshadow: how what? Um? I'll take your comment as a compliment the kitties, regardless. :D

WorldTravelings said...

They are super adorable! You're doing a great job at socializing them. Keep up the good work! :)

Project Cat said...

@worldtravelings: Are you sure you don't want me to bring them to PA to be playmates for Murphy?