Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Remembrance

The only thing in my mailbox today was a slim (though biggish) envelope from the Phoenix Zoo. Having not gotten a chance to go to the zoo since moving here (although I had gone once before), this surprised me. How did I get on their mailing list, I wondered.

Upon opening the envelope, a single card slipped out which simply says:

Remembrance of

A donation to the Pet Memorial program
at the Phoenix Zoo was made by

University Animal Hospital

Donations from the Pet Memorial program
will be used to enhance veterinary care of
the Phoenix Zoo's animal collection

So now I'm all sniffly. But I'm sure that Bozo would appreciate it. And I really can't speak highly enough of UAH. If you're in the Phoenix area I highly recommend this hospital as everyone is caring and wonderful there, even when you have to go there for the worst. They sent me a card right after we had to put Bozo down-- I think that's pretty normal for a vet, but still appreciated and I certainly didn't think there'd be anything else.

I think I'm going to put (Bozo) beneath "Waffles" and have this little 5x7 card framed. Bozo really was the cat who started Project-Cat-- the first one I let myself see as an individual.

I miss him. :( But he is well remembered and cherished and even though he didn't have a human family (not really anyway), I'm sure he's playing with the other animals up at the Rainbow Bridge.

I have to stop now before I start all-out crying...


WorldTravelings said...

Such a great practice - to have sent a donation to the Phoenix Zoo.

Sure, now I'm sniffling and I'm at work....guess I'll close my door for a moment.

Thanks for sharing....

the volunteer said...

thanks for brightening my life Bozo, and for the inspiration to help more kitties like you