Saturday, August 23, 2008

Excuses, Excuses... :)

Life at Project-Cat continues apace, pretty much, with nothing major to report. Still, it's been a long time since I've talked much about Beatrice, so she's what I'll focus on today.

On Wednesday Zoe, Mal and I visited Beatrice and her mom. Beatrice wanted none of this. She has so much imprinted on her mommy and on her space that upon spotting Zoe she hissed, growled and swiped at her. So I took Mal and Zoe home. All the same, Beatrice continued to hide and growl at all the humans who were over that evening. It took her 'til the next day to calm down! So now we know that Baby Bea is a one-cat-to-one parent (and territory) kind of girl!

She's doing really well, otherwise, completely settling into her home and her routines. She seemed so big, seeing her for the first time in weeks on Wednesday. Her mommy has gotten her a collar, to which she has adapted with no problems. Best yet, it's a Harley Davidson collar, which totally fits her attitude!

There are more pictures of Beatrice at her Flickr set.

Malcolm and Zoe continue to be adorable cuddle-bugs who want to be in my lap, or next to me, or on my head at all times. All three kittens are due for their last set of shots during the week of September 1st.

Lastly, meet Mario. He's a lovely, friendly cat. So friendly, in fact, that I had assumed that he had an owner. He seemed well cared for, and I've never seen him down with the bulk of the ferals. However, when I was with my neighbor, trying to get James out of the tunnel, she told me about Mario. He was, like so many unfortunate kitties, left behind by his owners when they moved away. (@!#!#$!#@$) My neighbor thinks that he was fixed, but since she isn't sure, clearly I'm going to have to try and trap him when next I get to trapping (which I will start to think about when two things happen: 1) the weather cools and 2) Malcolm and Zoe have (a) forever home(s).) Since he was a pet cat when he was fixed (if he was), his ear isn't tipped. And even though he doesn't hang out with the other ferals (he does hang out with my neighbor's indoor/outdoor cat, James), he is, in a way, part of the colony. So, thought I'd point him out to you all. (I have a houseguest with an iPhone and he consented to take this picture today when we were out walking.)

I haven't heard from my neighbor, but I saw James today, and he looks good-- at least dashing away from us!

4 comments: said...

Still waiting for that camera, eh. Nice pic of the black & white kitty. If I didn't know better I'd swear that it looks just like our Zoey; who is a little more oofy today than normal. Her mom got out the kitty carrier in preparation to head back to her apartment at school....Zoey's not real sure about this in fact, it's been quite awhile since i've seen her roaming about....

Project Cat said...

@Linda: Nope, I have my camera. (I took the pictures of Beatrice at the beginning of the post.) I just didn't have it with me when I went for a bit of a walk (after getting my mail, you see) yesterday. :)

As for Zoey and the cat carrier, I highly recommend (to all cat owners) that they leave the carrier out all the time (I have one under a table fairly often.) If the carrier is somewhere visible and approachable all the time, cats won't associate it with the vet, or unpleasant travel. Mine tend to sleep in the carrier, in fact!

TheWriter said...

I will definitely pass that information along. Zoe was quite tramautized when she went to school on Sunday. Every time the vehicle stopped she started crying. Then on top of that when left out of the carrier (behind the bathroom door), she found the one place in the bathroom to hide and refused to come out. She is beginning to adjust to her new surroundings (I am told), but still prefers the bathroom, sleeping on the clean towels to the rest of the efficiency

dtigersm said...

BTW. we need more pics of Malcom. I just wish I wasn't so allergic and could handle more than one kitty in the house