Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holy cat! an update!

But where has all the rum gone?
Wait, no, that's not what I meant. Let's try that again: But where has the summer gone?

Yup, that's what I meant.

Business first: I know I'm terrible at keeping this thing up to date-- which is bad because I enjoy it, I enjoy that people read it, I enjoy having something to point to when I get into debates about Feral Cats and kittens and such. So. I shall endeavor to be better about posting. To that end, however, I think I shall set up a schedule. My question to you, then, is, if I were to post once a week, when would you like it to be?

Next, some observations and thoughts-- nothing particularly coherent here, I'm afraid.

Beatrice-- I haven't seen her in a while, but her mom assures me that she is doing well. I'll see her this week, though, when we take her to get her last set of shots.

Zoe & Malcolm-- These two... man, what to say about these two? They continue to be the most calm kittens I have ever come across. They'll play sometimes (most often loudly when I'm trying to fall asleep-- typical felines), but most of the time they prefer to be sprawled somewhere. And if they have their druthers, they prefer to be sprawled on me. Zoe likes to lie across my chest or, if I'm on my side, then either on my side or on top of my head. Malcolm, the silly boy, prefers to be as close to my face as possible, sharing a pillow and making sure that I breathe cat fur. ::Sigh:: We're working on this.

That said, I had a cat growing up, whom I loved very much. And I wanted more than anything for this cat to cuddle with me like a teddy bear as I fell asleep-- I'd actually hold him like a bear and he hated it, and as soon as I relaxed as I fell asleep he'd dash off. Smart cat. My point, however, is that Malcolm wants to be held like that. If I'm sleeping on my side, he wants to be cuddled to my chest with his head on the pillow, halfway under the covers.

Weirdos. :D

Some friends of mine came over yesterday and met Malcolm in the possibility (this is still pending a number of things, including landlord permission) of adopting him. They, too, commented on how very calm he is. Both Zoe and Mal did play for them a bit, Zoe more. They commented on how beautiful Zoe's markings are, and how fluffy and handsome Mal is. Neither got comfortable enough to purr for my friends, or snuggle, but given how quickly they warmed to their "babysitter" last month, I know that Mal will warm to these friends should they decide to/be able to adopt him.

The Ferals: Mostly I've been seeing Little Grey and Amaranth around. They were both out tonight when I fed them all. I've seen Walsingham (formerly Little Orange) a number of times, too, which is great, but makes me nervous because I haven't seen Agatha (Little Crooked.) In the past few days I've also seen Mr Mistofolees and Bessie. If the @#$!@# weather ever cools, I'll try to get out and walk around every day like I used to, to keep better tabs on the cats .

Photos: More of Mal and Zoe (who *always* closes her eyes when the flash goes off) over at Flickr, in the Wild Kittens set. (Man, that is *such* a misnomer now.) There are 22 pictures. I didn't get to caption them all, sadly. Did caption a few, though. And I, at least, find my commentary amusing, so go check them all out. :)

Oh, and Also: A shout-out to Mr Gecko. Your wife told me that you've discovered the world of blogs thanks to this wee site. That makes me happy. Are you *sure* you don't want to adopt a kitten? I promise Zoe won't eat your gecko.

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Eve said...

Whenever you have time to update is fine with me. I do remember seeing something about "grad student" and not just "crazy cat lady" in your header.

Do keep an eye out for Gandolf please. He looked pretty thin in that last picture you took, and he reminds me of one of my old girls shortly before she passed.