Monday, August 4, 2008

Vet Appointment #1: Malcolm & Zoe

Malcolm: 3.44 pounds
Zoe: 2.86 pounds

These babies were very good at the vet. The very first time we went, they just flattened themselves and wouldn't move. This time, while not thrilled, they weren't nearly as uncomfortable. They stuck with me, and preferred to hide, but neither tried to stuff themselves beneath the paper towel dispenser or anything. The vet told me that she thinks they must have had human contact before me because if they don't have contact between 4-8 weeks they'd never be as friendly as they are. I say "piffle" to that. They saw lots of humans before I nabbed them, but Little Grey kept them in the tunnels most of the time.

So, they each got their distemper vaccines and their leukemia vaccines. This vet was not one I'd seen before. She said that since we believe Mal to be negative, it made sense to start him on the leukemia vaccines. And since we hope that Zoe is, too, to do so as well. Further, if she isn't negative, it wouldn't hurt her to be vaccinated.

This vet wanted me to test Zoe (and Beatrice) now again with the more expensive "confirmation" test. (That's what she called it, and I can't remember the 'real' name.) She wanted me to separate Mal and Zoe, if Zoe's test came back positive, even if it meant putting him in a shelter. I declined today, saying it was too expensive just now. It is expensive, but in reality, I need time to do a little more research and thinking-- each vet is telling me something different about the FeLeuk.

And I'm really not comfortable putting Malcolm in a shelter. Yes, he's adorable and yes, he's a kitten and so would very likely be adopted, but he needs to go to someone patient (as does Zoe) because they're not well socialized. I'm just plain not comfortable dumping him at a shelter.

They do need homes, though. Anyone out there looking for a sweet adorable kitten? Preferably in the Southwest area... I have two very potential possibilities, but so far that's it. ::fingers crossed: All kittens are special, but these two (and Beatrice) are especially special.

Oh! But there was good news, too!! Zoe's heart murmur is gone! (Wow, "murmur" is a really weird word to spell.) So it must have been anemia from the fleas. Yaay! That's one less thing to worry about. Oh! And her fecal came back negative, which is why they didn't call.

Half an hour, and back we go with Beatrice...

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