Monday, August 4, 2008

Vet Appointment #2: Beatrice

"If I didn't know she'd tested positive, I'd say she looks completely healthy."

Beatrice weighed in today at 3.22 pounds. She hopped into the sink, hissed at the vet tech and puffed up her tail (which delighted the vet tech to no end), and kept trying to climb up onto my shoulder. She was active and her usual adorable self. Pretty much nothing else to report!

I'll have to drop off a fecal sample for her later on (as in, when she presents one...) but otherwise a clean bill of health. She got her shots with no troubles. (The vet tech held her because I had warned the vet about how badly Baby B had freaked out last time she got shots, but she was fine.) Hurrah!

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