Monday, September 22, 2008

A Good Day for Moo-Cow Kitties

I was just out getting my mail and spotted 3 out of 4 moo-cows. And I saw a 4th earlier today.

I saw Cyrano earlier today, which was great as I hadn't seen him in a while. (Generally speaking, Bessie is the only Moo-Cow you can count on seeing around here.) Then when walking back from the mailroom I spotted a kitty in the bushes. I stopped to chat with him and realized it was dapper Aloysius. Then at the food dish (which I had just refilled moments before, although DNL had left food out earlier) I spotted Bessie and Athos!! I hadn't seen Athos in a long time-- as long as it's been since seeing Cyrano, actually.

Walsingham (Little Orange) has become a staple again, but I'm worried about Agatha (Little Crooked) having not seen her in a long time. But, as evidenced by the return of the Mysterious Moo-Cows, you never know.

I had also just commented on how long it's been since I'd seen Daisy, and then I saw her yesterday.

So now I'm going to comment on how long it's been since I've seen Gremlin and Barnaby (Splotch) and, as mentioned, Agatha.

Weirdly, I haven't seen Creamsicle in a few days, but hopefully that's just because I haven't been out much.

Amaranth, Pigpen, Little Grey Girl, Bessie, and Gandolf are the ones currently most likely to be spotted.

DNL is still very worried about Gandolf. She called me over on Friday ('causing me to trip down the stairs and twist my ankle so that it is still not recovered) to tell me about it. She thinks he has worms because he eats but gains no weight. I asked her what she wanted me to do about it, frankly, because he's feral. I cannot catch him without sitting out all night long and catching eleventy-billion other cats first, and that's only if we don't feed them for two days, which alway upsets DNL. So...?

Man, that sounds hard-hearted of me. I want to help Gandolf. Of course I do. And if it were something as simple as worms (but you tell me how I'm going to get a ~!@# fecal sample from a feral cat) then it could be treated in one dose. But if it's something more significant-- diabetes? FIV? FeLV? It's not like I can just give him a pill once a day when I can't get more than 5 feet away from him. I do the best I can.


In happier news, the best I can includes finding Malcolm a home. As of today it is official that his new people's land-people said yes. He's going to his new home tomorrow evening. I will, of course, miss him. That should frankly go without saying. But he's been pining for Zoe (or at least companionship) since Friday and it's driving me a bit nuts. He'll be happier with his new people and their other cat (Fritz!) And my cats will be happier, too!!!

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Eve said...

Hmm, maybe DNL could stalk Gandolf with a pooper scooper and plastic bag? Then she can sit outside and try to get him to eat a pill pocket with the worm pill. Oh, and was she going to pay for fecal sample analysis?

As for you, you're doing a wonderful job, and don't let her ever get you down. It's a huge task you have taken upon yourself.

Enjoy a good night's sleep tonight with your kitties. Will they even know what to think having the run of the whole apartment again?