Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zoe has Moved!

I'm sitting here in Beatrice's abode to write this update. I'd love to show you pictures of Baby B but I forgot my camera. Also, I apparently smell too much like other cats, so she hisses and bats at me. I'm actually sporting a bandaid across my forehead because she took a swipe that connected (after the one that removed my glasses) and I was bleeding kind of profusely. She's a very territorial beastie. But more importantly, she's a happy one, when her space isn't being invaded by cat-smelly visitors, and she's healthy and playful.... if a bit strange.

(She's currently trying to 'kill' a light-up magic wand that her mommy is taunting her with. The evening I've spent over at 'her' house has been punctuated with hisses and growls. I suggested Feliway...)

Now then, let's talk about Zoe. On Friday evening, after a long day during which I must admit I was quite sad, I bundled her up and drove her to her new home. My friend, V, agreed to adopt Zoe for her daughter, who lives in CA. Zoe will spend most of her time, after January, in CA, but when V's daughter is home, Zoe will be, too. Therefore it was imperative for Zoe to fit in with V's other pets, a dog and a cat.

We left Zoe in her crate at first, so that the family cat, Arwen, could sniff her. Arwen was not immediately intrigued, but eventually came to the crate and sniffed. I could see that inside the crate, Zoe was sniffing the bigger cat, too.

The family dog, Wembley, a large and friendly mix, sniffed the box and Zoe hissed and jumped, 'causing the whole crate to move. Wembley took off to hide behind V.

Eventually we let Zoe out and she fairly calmly started exploring in ever widening circles. She went right up to Arwen and the two cats touched noses. Then Zoe moved on, and Arwen followed, as if half to keep an eye on her new little sister and half asking to play with her. She'd reach out ever so gently with one delicate paw as if to ask Zoe to play. Zoe, however, was too interested in looking around, and avoiding-- but also checking out-- the giant dog.

I have never seen two cats acclimate themselves to each other so quickly. Never. It was amazing.

I left after a time, sad to leave Zoe of course, but anxious to check on Malcolm, since he was alone for the first time. It turned out it was a good thing, because he was miserable and I rather suspect that he was meowing for much of the time I was gone.

Today I heard from V again, and Zoe is eating, drinking, using the litter box and generally making herself at home. Arwen is acting as though Zoe has always been there. Wembley is still giving Zoe a wide berth, but is otherwise fine.

Zoe has landed the most wonderful place-- with lots of people and a cat to take care of her. She has lots of cat furniture and toys to share, and even some of her very own. The cats even have "cat tv"-- V sometimes pulls a cat condo up to the very large (and beautiful!) fishtank they have, so that they can watch the fishies!

The pictures here are all from Thursday evening. I took my camera along with me to Zoe's new home, but decided not to use it for fear that the flash would upset any/all of the animals in this new and potentially delicate situation they found themselves in. But hopefully at some point V will send a picture or two, and I will share. :)

I miss Miss Zoe, but am *incredibly* happy to have found her such a home.

Mr. Mal is still with me as his Probably Forever Family waits for an okay from their landlord. The sooner he gets to a home with another kitty, the better, as he seems very lonely.

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flurije said...

love that picture of her next to your leg. very cute!

Eve said...

I'm so glad you found her a wonderful home. I know you'll miss her too. Just give Mal extra snuggling.

What will you do when it's just you and your original kitties inside again? Get a good night's sleep?