Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holy dog? An update?

Cat news first, as this is called Project-Cat: The kittens (all 3) will be getting their last set of shots at the vet tomorrow.

It's looking more and more like Little Mal has a home (soonish). That's the good news. The bad news is that Little Zoe still does. And two out of my three possibilities have said no. Anyone out there know anyone in AZ who might want a beautiful baby girl kitty?

In dog news, I received the following in my inbox via a rather circuitous route. It's a dog who was found in Mesa, AZ and needs a home. (He's in a kill shelter, and his time will be up quickly.) I don't know any more information than what's below, but he looks like an adorable pup.

The following is the message:
Hi. I don't know if you can help me but I am going to try anyways I know there are so many animals without homes, but I feel for this guy because I found him on the highway someone left him there to die, it tore my heart apart, I stopped and picked him up, I brought him home, hoping I could find him a home but I only had a short time with him, my mom would not let him stay anymore, so she called the pound, I took it hard, I got this dog to trust me then they had to come get him, I cried for the last couple of days. truly hope you or someone else can rescue him before its too late, tomm is his last day for evaluation or it may have been today im not sure I just hope he made it, he was friendly with us just a lil scared is all, I believe he was in an abused dog or neglected all together here is his information his id is 08-32718 at Mesa East 2630 W. 8th Street Mesa, Az 85201 office is 602-506-7387 please from the bottom of your heart help him....the guy that picked him up is J Coville or Covicce 478

EDIT TO ADD: It looks like this guy is now available to adopt via the Maricopa County Animal Control. I can't be 100% sure, but it looks like this is his adoption page.


arkstangent said...

Oh, God.
I hope he finds a home.

dtigersm said...

Have you heard anything about the homeless puppy? I hope he found a home

Project Cat said...

@dtigersm: Well, it looks like he made it at least as far as the shelter for adoption. I can't be entirely certain, but it looks like he's available on PetFinder: