Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kitty Toys for a Good Cause

I have never seen cats clamor for toys the way they do for Madame Morgana's Sovereign Catnip Mice. I know a lot of cats-- my own, my friends', random strangers', and none of them have disliked these mice, and all of them have gone bananas for them. Seriously, it's the most fun a cat can have-- and they're a heck of a lot of fun for the humans watching, too!

So why am I mentioning them here? Well, not only are they awesome, but Lizbet is having a special on them-- 5 for the price of 4, and free shipping!! It doesn't get any better than that.

But wait! There's more! Not only do you receive the most amazing catnip mice known to mankind-- a perfect (purrfect?) holiday gift for anyone with a cat, but! 20% of the sales goes to non-kill cat shelters! It does *not* get any better than this!

To see the current offer and how to order, go here.

For more information in general, go here.

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