Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zoe pix!!!

Imagine my delight upon opening my email today and finding these two pictures from V! My little fuzzy baby has gotten bigger, and she looks so happy and healthy!

Oh! And apparently she and Wembley (the family's large dog) are now playing with each other! And she's busily investigating the pet bird-- Zoe apparently seems very disgruntled that there is a bird living in her house!

I'm so happy that this little baby is so happy!!


Flurije said...

Aww...she looks so much bigger! Those pictures are great!

Project Cat said...

@flurije I wonder how she and Beatrice compare now? Not that I ever want them in the same room again to find out!! Speaking of B, how's she doing? Sans collar yet?

Flurije said...

Yes, finally. Took it off of her a couple of days ago, at which point she celebrated by promptly biting me on the arm and taking off to do a circuit around the house.