Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kitten Poo.

Yes, I did in fact just title this entry "kitten poo." But there is *so* much of it. Both kittens have exceptionally loose stool. I took a sample from Zoe to the vet yesterday (I think I mentioned that, but I'm too lazy to look it up.) But both kittens ... yeah, it's a mess in that litter box every time I go in there to clean it. So I called the vet to see when I'd get a response to the fecal test, and after having a difficult time finding my name in the system (mis-spelled I think), it turns out that the results were "no parasites seen."

... Okay. I mean, I'm glad about that, I think. But, so what's wrong with the babies' poor little digestive tracts? So the vet will be calling me back.

(I got them to play for a bit again this afternoon, though, so that's good.)


Eve said...

Many times changing food can cause bowel issues with kitties, regardless of age. I tried a lot of different foods last year looking for one Brownie would eat, and there were some yucky litter boxes.

I'm glad to see Beatrice let you get some sleep the other night.

Project Cat said...

I've had these two kittens for almost a week now, and they've had the bowel issues that whole time. I would have thought that their little bodies would have adjusted to the food by now, but maybe they can't. Yikes. What worries me most is that they seem to be getting worse in this regard, rather than better, and I'm scared of dehydration. Well, we'll see what the vet says.

(As for Beatrice, she decided today that 5am was Happy Fun Playtime with the Human, Wake-up-wake-up-wake-up. I left her in the bedroom and moved to the couch!!)

the volunteer said...

Sounds yucky but mix in canned pumpkin with their food, it's high fiber and does great at firming things up. They usually like it too. Dry food is better, try mixing it with water at first to get them going on it.

Eve said...

The little guys also just had a dose of antibiotics (if I remember correctly) along with the other meds. I use a holistic vet, and they prescribe probiotics to use as an adjunct with the antibiotics. Check with your vet first, but maybe they need to build up their good, digestive bacteria again.