Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Update!!

(More to come later-- and that with pictures.)

I have found potential homes for all the kittens at this time. Violetta (Dolce), of course, I already mentioned. Zadie, it seems, will be going to the sister of the woman who adopted Zoe, so they will be first cousins! (Her new mommy will meet her tomorrow, after which it will, I imagine, be definite.) And it appears that Dean and Iso will be going to a pair of sisters, too, although those details have not yet been worked out.

Nothing is yet definite. Keep your fingers crossed for me and the kittens please, but also, if you're interested in one of the kittens, let me know and I'll be in touch.

If you're interested in other kittens, please visit a shelter near you. Those kittens need love more than you can imagine, and in many cases their days are numbered if a human doesn't choose to adopt them. And if you can, adopt an adult cat-- they have an even more difficult time finding families.

And so I'm not ending on a completely sad note, here's a silly picture of Zadie:

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Eve said...

I love all the kitten cuteness. I'm glad you've possibly found homes for them all so quickly.