Monday, May 4, 2009

And then there was one...

Mr Dean and Mr Iso left with their mommies a few hours ago. And Miss Dolce was just delivered to her mommy a few minutes ago. So Miss Zadie and I are hanging out together. She's a bit confused, but content because I'm letting her explore my desk. Her mommy comes to get her tomorrow (and she'll be cousins with Zoe!)

I'm so happy I found such great homes for the kittens. And I'm lucy to have been a part of their lives. But it has also been expensive and exhausting, so while a part of me is sad, a part of me is also very glad. These kittens are going to be very well loved, and parts of great families.

I have taken so many pictures. Classes ended today, so while I still have a elventy-billion things to do, I should be able to find some time to work on and post those pictures sometime in the next few days.

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