Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sam" Update

You might recall Sam, the orange kitten I had for a few days back in, um, March? Yeah, that sounds about right. Just ran into his human, and his canine-sister (a yellow lab named Bailey.) Sounds like the puppy and the kitty are getting along really well-- they apparently go through cycles of antagonizing each other, and loving on each other. They *both* chase the laser pointer, hee! The kitty's new name is "Whiskey" but apparently he's mostly called "Kitty" because that's what he comes to.

I'm *so* glad to hear that that family worked out. (I hadn't touched base with them since the night the kitty moved, even though they are only one building over from me. Fortuitously, I had just dropped my pen off of my balcony (where I was grading papers) and when I went down to get it, Bailey was out chasing a ball, so I got to chat with her human.)


WorldTravelings said...

whiskey and bailey? nice! I'm glad they are all getting along. :) score another one for YOU!! yay!

Project Cat said...

@WorldTravelings: It was a relief to hear. :)

Now, if I can just find good homes for Dean and Iso. There are some possibilities... ::fingers crossed::