Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help for some Fuzzy Babies?

I know this blog doesn't exactly get high readership, and I don't want to turn it into pleas for kitty assistance, but ... this makes me sad and I want to help.

You can read the whole situation here, but basically, a momma to four kitties (of various ages and temperaments, 2 dsh and 2 maine coons) has to go into assisted living and can only take one kitty with her. The cats are in Phoenix (same as my feral colony), and need loving homes. I've maxed out homes for cats, as you know, with the kittens over the past few years, so I'm hoping against hope that posting here will boost the signal and help get these fuzzies adopted. (She's not looking to necessarily place them into the same home, although I'm sure that would be great, so if anyone can open his/her heart and home to one of these guys, you can contact her via the link above.)


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