Friday, February 12, 2010

Colony Under Attack?

As I left my flat tonight to join a friend (Beatrice's mom, in fact) I found a note on my door. It wasn't unexpected as I had spoken with management and the office staff told me there'd be notes upon everyone's doors announcing the new fitness center.

But there was another message included with the fitness announcement. I'll quote in its entirety:

"Finally, please refrain from feeding any stray cats that are on the property. We are working to reduce the stray cat population and would appreciate your assistance with the issue."

First, I had permission to take care of this colony-- permission from the management company, not just from the apartment complex. But the complex has been sinking a lot of money into upgrades lately...

Second, "working to reduce the stray cat population" does not sound good. The only way to effectively reduce the population, as you, dear readers, know, is TNR, and that takes time, and does not require not feeding, and has already been done, as you know. In fact, in the two years since the TNR project, the population has remained steady and stable. No, in this context, "working tor reduce the population" has got to mean something much less ethical-- trap and kill.

I will be asking for specifics on Monday-- the office is closed on weekends, of course. However, if I'm not just borrowing trouble, but am, in fact, correct with my above assessment, I will need your help.

Thus far, I have kept the apartment complex's name out of this blog, out of my commentary on the situation. However, if they are planning on killing these cats, I will be asking for your help in a letter/email/phone call campaign. A few minutes of your time to deluge first the apartment complex and then the management company in voicing displeasure would be helpful.

So watch this space on Monday afternoon/evening (I'm in AZ, so a few hours behind East Coast time), and get ready to mobilize the troops to save these kitties again.


WorldTravelings said...

wow. You had received a letter from the management agreeing to keeping the colony, no? Good luck on Monday. Let's hope it's just a misunderstanding due to new staff at the apartment complex and that this can be resolved quickly and easily. If not, out comes the pen!

Abigail said...

I will be more than happy to help deluge the company with letters. Let me know what I can do to help.

Katlady said...

I will also instigate an email campaign. email your local paper, telling them your complex is about to "send to their death" a fixed and cared for colony of pussy cats

Project Cat said...

Thank you for the support guys.

@WorldTravelings: Unfortunately it was a verbal agreement. That was a mistake on my part.

@Abigail: Thank you, dear. If this needs to happen, I'll ask you go help spread the word, too, since you have a cat-loving readership.

@Katlady: That's a great idea-- media and public pressure is the only thing that I can think of that may help.

I'll update on Monday when I'll (hopefully) know more. right now I *hope* I'm overreacting, and that the complex people will lsiten to reason, but it's a relief to know that others will join me, if need be.