Monday, February 15, 2010

No News is... No News

UPDATE: I stopped by the office again to drop off my packet of information (a new letter explaining the situation, the 2008 letter, some information on ferals and TNR, and my new spreadsheet showing that we have had a 10% decrease in the local colony) and was told again that they think it'd be a good idea if I spoke with the district manager, and that they'd probably be giving me a call. I'd very much like the chance to advocate for these cats in person, so keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

As soon as I could (2:30pm) I went to the apartment office and asked about the note I'd gotten regarding the cats and not feeding them and "working to reduce the stray cat population." The first person I asked (the woman who adopted Dolce) didn't know anything. She asked the assistant manager who didn't know anything but suggested talking to the person who had typed up the notices. I asked her (she's very nice and has been helpful in the past) and between her and the manager-manager, we discovered that this is an edict from the company who owns the apartment complex. This is not the same company who used to own the complex, but, in fact, a new one as of this past summer.

So basically, no one here knows anything. But apparently the district manager is coming by tomorrow and they're going to give her the paperwork I had just created, so then maybe we'll learn something? They promised to call me when the manager is there, but I don't actually see that happening. Instead, I'm going to create a bigger packet of information on TNR and the agreement I'd had with the last company and drop it off in the morning. Then, assuming I don't hear anything all day, I'll stop by in the evening to find out more.

I guess the reason I feel that I'm having the same argument I had 2 years ago is because I am...

Again, I'll update just as soon as I learn anything.

(Pictures from top: Agatha out in the grass, Walsingham in a bush, Bessie-the-Tomcat with laser eyes, Barnaby from the second floor landing, at dusk.)


UdoTch said...

In this case, no news is not good news. :(

Project Cat said...

@UdoTch: True. But not necessarily bad news, either. It seems the management here at the apartment complex is on my side. And it also seems that the management in general might not have a plan, or really an idea of what's involved, what's been done, what can be done, etc. So, fingers crossed, it might not be all bad!!