Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby's First Vet Visit

Mr Max's first vet visit went as well as could be. Unfortunately, right before we had to leave to get there, Max had a bit of a poo-problem, getting it all over the Kitten Hatchery floor and on his head. How does that even happen? On the bright side, it certainly meant I had a nice fresh fecal sample for the vet... ew.

(Aren't you glad *every* Project-Cat blog post doesn't start out with "fecal sample"?)

The vet and techs are guessing Max to be older than I thought-- four to five months. (I was guessing three to four.) And because he's so friendly (even if very scared) at such an advanced age, he must have had human contact before this-- meaning he wasn't from the colony but was dumped by someone. ARG, people. ARG, I say.

Actually, this might explain his whiskers, too. I couldn't figure out how a cat who had had no contact with people could have had a number of his whiskers be cropped close to his face. Now I'm even crankier at people....

Anyway, before the vet came in, Mr Max actually explored a wee little bit-- hopping into the sink, and then deciding to hide beneath the paper towel dispenser. When the vet came in, though, he let her slide him out and submitted to her will. He was very good, apparently, at getting his blood drawn and everything (they did this in the back) and was good at getting his shot. (This last was done in the exam room.)

We won't know the results of the FIV/FLeuk test 'til tomorrow. Fingers crossed!! Similarly the fecal exam won't be back 'til tomorrow. But the vet agreed that he has worms, and gave him the dewormer today already. If anything else comes back as unfortunate from the fecal, she'll prescribe as necessary. (Beatrice, you might remember, came with her own case of ... something I can't spell. Nevermind then...)

She's not concerned about his thin fur-- she says even the bald patches on his ears are likely just malnutrition (not ear mites! Yay!) She even thinks he *might* be a medium-haired cat when his hair fills in.

She's also not concerned with his lack of playing-- she's guessing it's just that he's not comfortable yet. And while his temperature is at the upper end of normal, he doesn't have a fever. So overall, Mr Max is doing pretty well. I'll update you tomorrow on what the vet says when she calls. 'Til then, keep your fingers (and paws) crossed for negative results!!


WorldTravelings said...

ok, the suspense is killing me. Did his test results come in yet? How is he doing?

Project Cat said...

@WT: I told you on the phone. :)