Thursday, September 16, 2010

NEWS! of the GOOD variety!

Wheee! All sorts of happy-making news to report today regarding little kitten Max's progress.

First, and most importantly, I got the results from his Feline Leukemia and Feline-Immuno-deficiency-Virus tests-- and he is NEGATIVE. Huzzah!! Much rejoicing!! Yay!
Because I know now that he's not dangerous to my house cats, I've let little Max out and about from the Kitten Hatchery a bit. My cats are less than thrilled about this, but he doesn't seem to mind them so much. He is, however, still pretty much afraid of everything and prefers to sleep in the sink even when he could be out and exploring or hanging out with me. Poor fuzzy, he's clearly had a bad time of it before now. I'm glad that thanks to your help, I'm able to give him a better, healthier life.

He's still a purr-monster. Oh! And progress-- he still meows when you get close for the first time (and by "first time" I mean any time he hasn't seen you in more than 10minutes) but the growling and hissing has stopped. And as soon as you touch him, he goes into purring mode, pretty quickly flopping over to give you his belly and ask for rubs.

I noticed at that present Mr Max has TWO sets of upper canines, which amuses me to no end. (The first time I saw this happen in a kitten I freaked out, wondering, WHY IS MY CAT A MUTANT?! Now though I know it just means his baby teeth haven't come out yet, and it definitely means he's about 5months old.) It does, however, mean I can call him Mutant Max for a bit.

My very favoritest thing for a kitten to do is to be on his back in your lap and to suddenly catch sight of his tail and grab at it with his paws. And kitten Max pleased me to no end last night when he suddenly did this. Not only is it freakin' adorable, but it was the first time I'd seen him play since he moved in last week. After that, he did a bit of wrestling with me (as if my hand were another kitten.) I know that I ought not encourage him to attack human hands, but I was so pleased to see him playing!!

(One of my cats, a rescue brought to me by The Most Awesome Cat Rescuer and Friend Ever, Tam, came with her very own lobster. At the time, the lobster was the same size as the kitten, and perfect for wrestling. The cat, how an adult who prefers wrestling with my yarn skeins, eschews the lobster now, and so it has become a fostering toy. I will find dig it out tonight so that Max will have something other than human hands with which to tussle.)

And last, but by no means least, I think it's safe for me to announce one more piece of good news. Kitten Max has a forever home. Yes, that's right. And even better? Max will have siblings-- one of which is the previous foster, Dean!! Dean's Dad has opened his heart and home again, and when Max has been neutered and gotten his second set of shots (so a month yet) he'll be off to his forever home. Dean has blossomed in his forever home (and grown huge, and apparently stayed very, very cuddly) so I'm certain that Max will do wonderfully.

More updates (and pictures) as they're warranted. :D


WorldTravelings said...

What a wonderful update! yay for Mr. Max! :)

tamnonlinear said...

I'm guessing he got dewormed as well- that belly looks a lot smaller!

Glad to hear the attack lobster continued to be of service.

Project Cat said...

@WT: Indeed!

@Tam: He did, although there were no worm eggs in his stool, as it turned out. (The vet said they just might not have been laying.) His belly is still very round, but not nearly as bad as it was!!

Also, he's afraid of the lobster...