Thursday, September 23, 2010

Max vs The Lobster

I mentioned before that now that Max is playing a little, he tries to play-fight with my hands. This is quite normal kitten behavior, of course, but having been on the receiving end of a full-grown cat who thought that it was fun to bunny-kick at one's wrists and gnaw on one's fingers, I'm all for taking Tam's advice and trying to redirect Max's play-energies. In this case, I want to redirect them to a stuffed lobster.

When allowed out of the Kitten Hatchery-- which is whenever I'm home and a awake-- Max makes a beeline for the futon, and hangs out behind it, as you can see here:

I try to coax him out (he juuuust fits between the slats of my futon), but sometimes he'd rather play than cuddle. So then I introduce the lobster.




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