Monday, October 4, 2010


Today was my birthday!Guess what I did!

Well, don't actually, 'cause most of it was lousy.  But the part that wasn't lousy just so happened to be feral cat related, hence posting here in the blog. 

I had dinner with a group of people from the area all of whom care deeply abut feral cats, who work with them-- care for colonies, organize TNR, advocate for the sake of the cats. 

It was pretty awesome.  I got to see The Volunteer, who I hadn't seen since  Baby Beatrice was brought to me.  I got to meet some people I'd only spoken with on the phone, or online.  And most importantly I was reminded that I was not alone in caring about these often forgotten, much maligned creatures. 

If you're caring for feral cats, you probably already know about resources, but just in case-- look for Meet Up groups in your area, for mailing lists, for allies in helping you care for your ferals.  (And remember that caring isn't just feeding them, it's absolutely also TNR!!)

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WorldTravelings said...

Glad you went to the meeting and enjoyed yourself. We can all learn from networkng with others. And the kitties thank you for that. :)