Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on the Run!

Beatrice's Mommy is going to watch the colony this weekend, as I'll be away.  (She's also watching Mr Max.)  When I get back, Mr Max goes to the vet on Monday for his second set of shots, and to the vet on Friday to get neutered.  Once he's recovered, I'll be taking him to his forever home, to be with his brother former-foster Dean, and two more feline siblings. :)

The ferals are doing well-- and probably think they've suddenly ended up at an all you can eat banquet because I notice that not only is DNL feeding them again, but there are sometimes other caches of cat food scattered about.  Being a feral is hard, so I don't begrudge them the meals, but I hope I can get in touch with everyone to withhold food for a few days when it comes to TNR time.

Speaking of which, it looks like things are slowly moving forward on that front. (Pigpen, Tuxie, Paint, Barnaby?  I'm coming for you guys.)  In fact, the only *slow* part is *me*! (I am so crazy busy stressed ack!)  More news on that as I get it.

'Til my return, I highly recommend checking out the TNR blog for the Animal Defense League of Arizona.  You thought my trapping 12 cats in one night was impressive? Go see what real TNR veterans do! Amazing! (And then send them some monies, if you have it... y'know, for the kitties.)  :)

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